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Drowning proof life Bracelet
Drowning proof life Bracelet
Drowning proof life Bracelet
Drowning proof life Bracelet
Drowning proof life Bracelet
Drowning proof life Bracelet
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New product anti drowning life Bracelet
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Great for swimming, surfing, fishing and all water sports with pulling the lever and a balloon helps you stay afloat

Even if you are sure that swim perfectly, the device on the wrist does not hurt – it helps not only to save its owner but also can be used as an aid to rescue another person

With compass to locate your position and safety whistle to signal for help

High Security: Sufficient for a 100KG person

Content: Wearable Buoyancy Aid Device,4 refill cartridges,manual, Safety Whistle

aims at providing the world's smallest flotation device to people who love water. As a portable swiming self-help product, wear in the hand, when swimming in danger, you just need to pull the pullrod, and then there will be a 100KG pull you out of water, make you more safe movement.

Although SHUIBAOBAO cannot replace a life vest or Personal Flotation Device, it can provide additional buoyancy in times of need. Our goal is to continue advocating and revolutionizing water safety all around the world.

Lightweight and powerful 

SHUIBAOBAO is lightweight and easy to use.If you need help staying afloat, pull the lever and the internal CO2 cartridge is pierced, inflating the bright orange bag in seconds. NOTE: EACH CO2 CYLINDER CAN ONLY BE USED FOR ONCE. After usage, deflate the balloon, fold it and put it back into the pouch. Replace the CO2 cylinder carefully and the bracelet is ready to use again.

We recommend wearing a life vest

Personal flotation devices like life vests that have been approved by official authorities like the US Coast Guards provide the best protection against drowning. Therefore, we also recommend wearing a life vest.

This is not a personal flotation device and it cannot replace a life vest. Instead, is a recreational water device that may provide additional buoyancy to the water safety equipment that you already have. 

The instructions in the manual should be followed carefully. 

Product details:

*Dimensions (non-inflated): 29x8x3.2 cm

*Weight of device(with a gas cylinder): 163.5g

*Buoyancy: Sufficient for a 100KG person